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Blossom in Astoria

22-04 31st St,

Astoria, NY



Lip/Chin   $6                   Underarm   $12

Eyebrow   $7                   Half arm    $18

Cheek      $10                 Full arm     $30

Face Line  $25                 Shoulder    $15

Ear Canal  $30


Bikini       $15                 Half leg     $20

Brazilian   $35                 Full leg      $35

Back        $35                 Full leg and Bikini $43

Chest       $25


Waxing can make or break a spa's reputaion, Blossom in Astoria has many satisfied customers that rave about our workmanship. We offer high quality waxing services in Astoria and keep our waxing prices low! The last thing you want is to visit a local spa and receive the over priced and under deliver treatment. Blossom In Astoria keeps a close eye on all our customers and never overlooks our customers input. We offer many different waxing services in Astoria and take pride in our faithful customers.

Thank you for choosing Blossom in Astoria for your next wax and we hope to see you soon!

**Gift Certificates Available for Waxing**



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