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Blossom in Astoria

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Pedicure In Astoria


Pedicure $15 -  French Pedicure $20 - Buff Pedicure $20

All Spa Pedicures includes 10 or 20 min Foot & Leg Massage, and Callus Eliminator

Exfoliating Vitamin E Pedicure  $30 The royal jelly massage provides vitamin E, helps to remove dead skin cells and soften wrinkles. 10 min foot & leg massage

Winter Spa Pedicure  $33 Warm and cozy heat that goes into melting of the paraffin which helps heal dry callus, arthritis and increases circulation. 10 min foot & leg massage

Dream Spa Pedicure  $38 Imagine walking on the clouds with Aloe Vera Sponge Jelly blend with Ginseng. Soften, moisturize, and reduce aging. 10 min foot & leg massage

Pamper Me Pedicure  $40 Pamper yourself with milk & honey essence. Exfoliates and replenishes moisture leaving your skin looking, feeling silky and soft. 10 min foot & leg massage

Spoil Me Pedicure  $43 Microdermabrasion to exfoliate and stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Help correct rough, old, uneven skin texture. 10 min foot & leg massage

Chocolate Delight Experience  $48 Delightful chocolate experience with many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Choc fight against environmental damage while the scrumptious aroma of cocoa calms and soothes the spirit. 20 min foot & leg massage

Green Tea Garden  $48 Relax and kick back with our Green Tea Botanical Extracts. The unique blend of essential ingredients is to use antioxidant tea to help protect and repair the skin on your feet. With a relaxing aroma to clam and restore, to help heal tired and sore feet. 20 min foot & leg massage

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