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Blossom in Astoria

22-04 31st St,

Astoria, NY


Manicure In Astoria

Soak-Off Gel Manicure No more chips and damage to natural nails. Lasts up to two weeks. Free soak-off  $23 / French $31

Winter Spa Manicure Hand dipped in warm paraffin. 10 min back massage  $20

Pamper Me Manicure Hands nourished with crystal exfoliation, sea rock bath, and marine masque. 10 min hand & arm massage  $25

Spoil Me Manicure Microdermabrasion help to remove layers of rough, uneven, aged skin. 10 min hand & arm massage  $28


French Manicure    $12          Fill-In           $23

Buff Manicure       $12          Silk Warp Set $35

Single color UV Gel$50          Tip Set          $35

UV Perm French    $55          French Tip Set $43

Extension       $50


Day Spa

Nail Salon